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Offer real-time expert engagement with the Live™ platform.

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Real-time Engagement

Offer your audience real-time engagement, with live chat and voice capabilities.

Powerful Reporting

Measure engagement and satisfaction in real-time, for continuous improvement.

Easy Deployment

Enjoy rapid time to market with a hosted solution that’s quick and easy to deploy.

Real-time engagement

Live Chat and Voice

Offer visitors real-time engagement, with live chat and voice capabilities.


Optimise engagement and satisfaction with LiveGuru’s intelligent deployment engine.


Offer pop-up chat invitations, in addition to satisfying incoming requests.

Fully Featured

Extensive features for visitors and experts enhance satisfaction and maximise results.

Easy deployment

Easy Integration

A hosted solution, the Live™ platform is quick and easy to deploy.


Reflect your brand, with a fully customisable user interface.


Designed for scalability, the Live™ platform serves over 5 million consumers every month.

24/7 Support

We’re here to help with deployment advice, 24/7 support and 20 years of experience in live services.

Powerful reporting


Maximise results with detailed metrics about visitor activity, chats and expert performance.


Offer pre- and post-chat surveys to measure user satisfaction and collect customer data.


Monitor visitor activity, chats and expert performance in real-time to maximise results.


Track visitor behaviour in real-time to optimise the customer journey.

Live™ Platform Case study

Live advice from Anxiety UK

A leading charity, Anxiety UK offers face-to-face support to anxiety sufferers across the UK, via a network of respected therapists. To satisfy growing demand for instant advice and support from its website, Anxiety UK deployed the Live™ voice platform.

Populated by Anxiety UK therapists, the Live™ platform enabled visitors to the Charity’s website to browse available experts in real-time, select a therapist, and talk.

Customised to reflect the Anxiety UK brand, the Platform was easily deployed and offered visitors real-time advice and support. Detailed reporting enabled the service to be optimised without the investment of technical or administrative resources by Anxiety UK.