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“LiveGuru’s services help us extract value from traffic already visiting us and our partners. It is a fantastic way to offer native and unintrusive advertising for our clients. We have seen fantastic click-through and engagement rates along with a wealth of analytical data.”

LiveGuru delivered a complete expert advice solution. The Live™ platform offered visitors real-time communication with experts, by voice and live chat. The platform was customised to reflect the NetDoctor brand and deployed rapidly with a single line of code.

LiveGuru also delivered and managed a community of 150 leading health and parenting specialists. The Gurus provided visitors with live advice in 20 topics - including diet & nutrition, anxiety & depression, sex & relationships, menopause, birth, breastfeeding, baby sleep, child behaviour, child nutrition and more. LiveGuru managed the Gurus to optimise capacity and performance, delivering to NetDoctor increased engagement and customer satisfaction without the investment of technical or administrative resources.